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Vampire Facts

Immortal: They're not dead, so their bodies function like a human's except with the ability to repair any physical damage immediately.

Mating: Vampires don't get married, they mate for life through the Claim. They can feel each other's emotions, but some couples learn to mask their emotions to guard against the intrusion. They're only supposed to be with other vampires. Those who chose to mate with humans are considered disgraced, fallen. The mates age together and when the human dies, the vampire turns to dust. Vampire females can't have children. Vampires birth children in their homes to prevent discovery by others.

Chosen: Any children born from a human/vampire mating that are human are considered blessed, favored by God, and must be sent away from the birth parents to live with other humans. This devastated many parents, and caused the suicide of many mothers. A special trust managed by Byron helped provide care for them after they were taken from their parents. Some Chosen are sired by rogue immortals with a taste for humans, vampires living on the edge of society, outcasts by choice or by decree of the Dominie. It is believed that one of the Chosen is to play a pivotal roll in the ultimate redemption of the vampires.

The Trust: A fund that provides money for the Chosen children and an annuity for the Dominie. Byron has been the Treasurer for the past three hundred and fifty years. The trust has grown tremendously under his direction.

Lore: Believe that those children born human are blessed because they can rejoin Him in the afterlife. Vampires can only serve during their lives, and if they serve well, they will be elevated (Dominie). Those who are elevated will join Him when the end comes.

Sunlight: Harmful, but the older they get, the more powerful they become and the more they can handle it.

Physical: Most vampires, especially older ones, are very good at anticipating action, ready to defend themselves, and are quick to move. Blood doesn't sustain them. It's not food. It's more like a drug. Blood is intoxicating for them, it breaks down inhibitions, and it makes them impulsive. It's addicting. They don't need it, but once they've had it, they want more. However, only warped vampires bite humans and drain their blood.

Blood: It doesn't sustain them. It's not food. It's more like a drug. Blood is intoxicating for them, it breaks down inhibitions, and it makes them impulsive. It's addicting. They don't need it, but once they've had it, they want more. However, only warped vampires bite humans and drain their blood. Blood shared during a mating ritual or between mates binds them and makes them stronger, unlike a feeder vampire who can drain a human and kill her or him during sex.

Father : A term of respect vampires use toward their elders.



Vampire Creation Story

When Cain was cast out into the world of darkness, he wandered aimlessly, until he found what was the first of many consorts. A generation was born, then a second and third. Some were destined to be like Cain himself, to carry his curse, to bear his mark, to atone for his sins. Others were like his brother Abel, favored. They were Chosen, mortal. Seven generations passed before Cain again heard the voice of God. The Lord told Cain of the son that was to come to redeem mankind and revealed to Cain his own path for redemption, for the redemption of all. Cain took a vow of celibacy and pledged his loyalty to serve, to carry forth the message. In each generation some of the damned fell to temptation, mating with the Chosen , ruining their chance for redemption, relegating themselves to forever be East of Eden. Then there were the others, the heroes, the holy men-the Dominie-the ones that were destined to be there in the end and welcomed home.

However, Byron believes that only Cain is cursed and must atone. That if vampires were free to mate and have children, they would all eventually die. Life, real life, is the Garden that they're seeking.



Pawnee Creation Myth

(Werewolf Creation Myth)

In the myth, the wolf was the first creature to experience death. The Pawnee were divided into four bands, and one was the Skidi, or wolf. According to the legend, a great council was formed to decide how the earth would be made. All of the animals were invited, except for Sirius, the Wolf Star. The council charged The Storm that Comes out of the West with making sure all was well on the earth. During the day Storm traveled the earth with a bag containing the first people. At night, when it was time to rest, he'd set down the bag and let them out to set up camp and hunt buffalo. Resentful, the Wolf Star sent a gray wolf to follow Storm and the wolf stole the bag. When he opened it the people came out, only this time, there were no buffalo to hunt. Soon the people realized they were released by the wolf and not by Storm. Out of anger, they chased down the wolf and killed it. Storm found the people and told them to skin the wolf. The people's memory of what had happened was wrapped inside a sacred bundle made from the wolf's pelt. Storm explained to the people that by killing the wolf they'd brought death into the world and would from that point on be known as the Skidi, the Wolf People.

In the Forbidden Universe - Roane Devlin believed this was the story of the the creation of the first of the Were.





The most loyal and elite vampires empowered by Cain, their prophet. They have worked for their entire existence to atone for the sin of Cain killing his brother, to lead the clan into redemption. It's the only way they can hope to someday enter Heaven when the end comes. Originally holy men who didn't mate or have kids. Byron was the youngest vampire to be elevated to the status of Dominie.

The Academy

Byron Renfield created it.

PSF (Preternatural Special Forces)

A small contingent of agents with special abilities. Includes vampires, fairies, shifters, ghosts, succubi, and an angel. Created by the Feds. They control their own budget.



Misc Facts

Dell's Laptop (Book 3) : Requires a retinal scan to sign in via the Agency's virtual network.

Byron & Violet's Fictitious Meeting and Wedding Story (Book 2): They met for the first time at Aunt Grace's funeral after writing to one another for years, falling in love bit by bit, never admitting it.thinking it was crazy.. Then when they finally met it was.explosive. Byron said his vows to Violet in the Valley of Fire . It was sunset. The light was low in the sky and reflecting off of the desert rock. Violet's hair, her skin, everything about her was gloriously vibrant. He'd never been so happy. For the honeymoon, they flew out to a little cabin on the West Rim of the Grand Canyon . It was stocked with food and wine, down comforters, a fireplace, very secluded and private. But, they didn't get to see too much of the outdoors, and it was only for a couple days.

Lilan (Book 2): Demons, descendants of Lilith. Succubi. They come to their victims in their sleep, when they are helpless to fight back. Can appear and disappear at will.



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