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Angel who took Wesley and Kate's first born child.


Cain's brother whom Cain killed.

Alexandria (Sophie) Sanchez (Heroine of Book Three: The Revolution)

Physical: Long wavy brown hair. Brilliant green eyes with thick dark lashes. Long slender legs with toned, shapely calves. Full lips. Generous, full breasts. Rich, sultry singing voice. About 5'6". Tan. Butterfly tattoo on her left hip. Twenty-five years old. Virgin.

Family & Friends: Father - Christian. Mother - Isabelle (deceased). Sister - Hannah. Boyfriend - Sullivan Cross.

Personal History: Her original name was Sophie, and she is one of the Chosen. The succubus Luna arranged for a powerful protection spell to be placed on Sophie so that she would be safe from harm. She did it because she was in love with Christian, Sophie's father, and she wanted him to know Sophie was protected. Basta created the spell, which sends out an energy blast that can do major damage to anyone who tries to physically hurt her. She was taken by the Clan as a newborn twenty-five years ago on the night her mother was killed. Alex was later discovered as the lone survivor of the famous Hotel Drake fire in New York after the hotel burned to ashes. She was found in the rubble, unscathed. No one claimed her, so she believed her parents died in the fire. She now works for the Agency, and Dell Renfield is her new partner. She has dated several vampires, but even the nice ones seem to develop a driving urge to bite her, and then the spell blasts them. She has been dating Sullivan Cross, a human, but things have been a little rocky recently because they haven't had sex, partly because of the protective spell around Alex and partly because she prefers vampires to humans.

Personal Facts: Calls herself Alex. Hates singing in front of people. Nibbles on the corner of her lower lip when she's nervous. Likes to run. Stubborn. Owns a Glock 19 which she sometimes carries in a thigh holster. Alex has been placed in Thrall by vampires before. Has only given a blow job once before. Very ticklish. Heals quickly.

Present (Book 3): Dell Renfield's partner. He's the first man to give her an orgasm. When she is reunited with the transparent sphere, the protection spell is broken, and she's finally able to lose her virginity to Dell. She and Dell fall in love. She is shot and mortally wounded by Malcolm, who is working for Basta, but Dell uses dark magic to heal her wounds.

Allison Connelly (Heroine of Book Four: The Temptation)

Physical: Deep brown eyes. Soft, long, thick chestnut hair. Full lips. Small waist.

Family & Friends: Ex-husband -- Gavin Robinson. Friend - Wesley Atherton

Personal History: Gavin proposed on a bluff near Pine Ridge Ranch while he and Allison were on a summer trip to Yosemite . They had met a year earlier when she was offered a very desirable internship with his practice (forensic psychologist). She divorced Gavin when she realized he didn't love her and was unfaithful, and left the practice to become a teacher. Allison met Mireya (who was Miranda at the time) when Mireya was the star witness in a criminal case and Allison profiled the defendant, Roane Devlin. Allison had recently separated from Gavin at the time, and didn't want to talk to him about her concerns regarding Devlin. Her friend Wesley went with her to interview Devlin. When she got home, an envelope was waiting on the front porch, under the doormat. It contained a disk filled with relevant references; digital files of old manuscripts, translations of ancient texts, dozens and dozens of files, and Dell Renfield's cell phone number, scribbled on a slip of paper with a note that said to tell him everything. D ell appeared in her kitchen ten minutes into their conversation and helped Allison to understand the world of lycanthropes and other preternatural beings.

Personal Facts: Wears a gold chain with her old wedding band on it. Has an IUD. Works as a college professor in southern California . Roane Devlin is the person who told Allison that Gavin was cheating on her.

Present (Book 4): Fell from the bluff where her ex proposed when the snow gave way beneath her. She had planned to throw her wedding ring into the ravine. She was in danger of dying from hypothermia, but was found and rescued by Jake. Takes a teaching position at Baylor University in the fall and is reunited with Jake.


Physical: Female vampire. Italian. Strong. Older and more refined than Chris.

Family & Friends: Father - Antonio. Mother - Maria. Christian & Isabelle - friends (she's their midwife)

Personal History: Watched both her parents die in front of her when she was fourteen, when her mother shot herself because she didn't want her human born child taken away. Angelina did what she needed to in order to survive after that, much of it not pretty. Has been in America for some time now.

Personal Facts: Believes she has seen Hell and doesn't believe in Heaven.

Present (Book 2): She is the mid-wife for Isabelle and Chris but had to contact Violet when the delivery of Sophie was going badly. Left with the Clan after Isabelle was murdered, possibly not of her free will.


Pilot and chauffer for Byron Renfield.


Dark vampire. Eyes hollow and lifeless. Mate - Maria. Daughter - Angelina. Tells Angelina he regrets allowing the Clan to take his human born children. He dies when Maria kills herself.


Physical: Immortal vampire, but gave up his immortality when he mated with Lillian. Bitter and resentful, and carried his mortality like a shroud. Deceased.

Family & Friends: Mate - Lillian. Son - Byron. Daughter - Fred.

Personal History: Chose to mate with Lillian, a human, and then spent centuries moaning about losing his immortality. Kept Lillian practically like a prisoner in their house, isolated on an island off the coast of Canada , although he intended it to be a fortress to protect her, not a cell. Had been distant and resentful toward Lillian, and neglected her. Turned to dust in front of Byron when Lillian threw herself out of their bedroom window and died.

Personal Facts: Considers himself to be an embarrassment to his brother. Drinks too much, especially brandy. Needs Lillian but can't admit that he loves her. His greatest fear, which he passed on to Byron, is that the woman he loves so deeply doesn't love him, but only loves what he does to her. He never fully revealed himself to his wife and let her inside. Regretted ever mating with Lillian, not for his sake, but hers.

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Basta (Villain of Book Three: The Revolution)

Physical: Snow white shoulder length hair. Human.

Family: Dell Renfield is like a son to him.

Personal History: Master sorcerer (mage), who many believe can do anything, but Dell knows he has limits. He'll sell out to the highest bidder.

Byron Renfield hired Basta for an exorbitant sum to be Dell's mentor for twelve years. Dell was an apt pupil, so Basta taught him things that weren't expected, like dark magic. When Dell turned eighteen, Basta asked him to come live with him so that he could teach him everything he knew. Dell refused and went to the Academy. Basta went on to work as a mercenary, and helped to capture a succubus who worked for the Agency and knew important things about many rich and powerful men. She was imprisoned in Bejing and starving when Dell found her. The night Dell penetrated Basta's shield and rescued the succubus was the last time he and Basta saw each other - until the day Basta tried to force Dell to merge his power with him so that he could continue to live on after his body failed him. Basta was also the one who put Mireya's witness protection shields in place to block her metaphysical connection to Devlin. When Basta died, the shields went down for two months.

Present (Book 3): Basta's the mage who cast the protective spell on Alex. Dell kills him with the bullet that nearly killed Alex.


Thug of Raif's

Byron Renfield (Hero of Book One & Book Two: The Claim and The Awakening)

Physical: Born in 1627, now four hundred and five years old. Immortal vampire. Tall, dark hair, and handsome. His body heals almost instantly from any injury and he can't get sick, but sun exposure weakens him. Incredibly strong and can move very quickly. Strong sense of smell. His eyes flash red, his fangs elongate and he growls when he's aroused or angered. Gave up his immortality when he mated with Violet, and will now live only as long as she does. Violet's blood magnifies his strength. He can feel Violet's emotions and state of mind through the Claim. His essence tends to make human women feel aroused, but he can dampen the effect if he concentrates. Can psychically connect with other vampires and read their thoughts and access their memories. Charming.

Family & Friends: Father - Astor (deceased). Mother - Lillian (deceased). Older sister - Fred (deceased). Mate - Violet. Former consort - Rita. Son - Randell (Dell). Daughter - Lily. Adopted son - Chase. Loves his family fiercely and is deeply in love with Violet. Friend - Christian.

Personal History: As a child, he was raised on an island off the coast of Canada and spent hours down in the caves on the island, exploring and living in his imagination. Watched his father turn to dust before his eyes after his mother threw herself out of a window. Fred (Winifred), Byron's sister, stayed with Byron on the island until he reached the age of maturity. They traveled together for a little while, before going their separate ways and living their lives. After watching the unhappiness that came from his parents' relationship, he decided he wouldn't make the same mistake by mating with a human and lived by the rules of the vampire clan. He stayed amidst his own kind, lived a solitary existence, amassed a fortune, honed his powers, and fulfilled his duties as the Treasurer of the Trust, a position he was appointed to just before Fred and Grace became mates three hundred and seventy-five years ago. After serving as Treasurer for two hundred years, he was elevated to the status of Dominie. His sister Fred and her partner Grace sponsored Violet, who was taken from her birth parents by the Clan, and after Fred died he discovered Violet's letters among Grace's belongings and he read them, slowly falling in love with Violet. Met Violet for the first time when she came to the island to see Grace and Fred. The first time he saw her he was dazzled. Bryon claimed Violet as his mate (bit her and tasted her essence for the first time) on the island almost twenty-six years ago, in the cave close to the shore. Mating with Violet was forbidden because of his status as Dominie, and it put them both at risk from execution by the Clan, so he formulated a plan to protect them from discovery. After the claiming, he sent Violet back to San Diego with his former consort, Rita, and then went through his transition, which was painful, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Byron stopped managing the Trust and traveled to Violet's San Diego cottage. Went by the name Byron Adams for a little while. He thought of Violet as his mate, even though he never asked her to marry him or planned for a human wedding ceremony and honeymoon. He paid an Elvis impersonator a lot of money to legally marry them in Vegas, even though Violet wasn't there. He stole hundreds of billions of dollars from the Dominie accounts after Violet was abducted by Cain, and planned to use it as a bargaining chip to get Violet back safely. Battled Cain in the underground dungeon of BaMidbar and successfully saved Violet and the other women captives. Bryon has been the leader of a quietly subversive revolution ever since to change the social and economic structure of the vampire world and mainstream them into human society. Byron has been chipping away at Cain's powerbase by diverting funds from the Dominie and investing in things that he believes will bring about lasting social change, like medical research, educational scholarships, and specialized training programs. Tried to recruit Jake Madison for the Academy. Doesn't want Lily to go off to college or for Dell to commit to Alex because he thinks they're both still too young.

Specific Historical Events: Fearful of the ocean ever since a shipwreck left him stuck for months in the Atlantic back in 1806. Experienced a blue moon that followed the eruption of Krakatau back in 1883. He stood in the streets of Singapore , ash raining down upon him.

Personal Facts: Owns a private jet. Often decorates with black leather. He was the youngest vampire to ever have the title of Dominie bestowed upon him. Managed the Trust for the Clan and several smaller portfolios for personal friends. Uses clove bath gel. Calls Violet "Vi" and she calls him "Ren". Can balance a spoon on the end of his nose. Travels by limousine, but has a driver's license. Has been to China and Madagascar , and speaks Italian. Byron used to get panicked when he thought about becoming a father. Has trouble accepting sincere compliments. Runs his hand through his hair when he's nervous. A pacer. Neat and tidy. Brilliant strategist and very smart. Inspires people to do the noble, selfless thing. Very powerful.

Personal Interests: Loves good food and good wine (merlot, cabernet), and considers savoring it a sensual experience. Has an extensive wine collection at the house, and tends to plan meals around the wine. Used to be fond of absinthe and also drinks port and scotch. He's an excellent cook and often loses track of time when he cooks. Banana nut pancakes are one of his specialties. Loves to read financial magazines and is very good at managing money. Likes to work out and adores fencing, which he used to do competitively. Likes sunsets and fires. Plays the guitar. Loathed the minuet and disco, but knows how to dance very well, including the tango. Believes in service and honor. His goal is to integrate vampires into the human world.

Present (Book 1): Meets Violet for the first time when she comes to the island to see Grace and Fred. Claims Violet as his mate in the cave down by the beach. Mating with Violet puts them both at risk from execution by the Clan, so he begins to formulate a plan to protect them from discovery.

Present (Book 2): Currently going by the name Byron Adams. He thinks of Violet as his mate, as if they're already married, but he never asked her to marry him or planned for a human wedding ceremony and honeymoon. He paid an Elvis impersonator a lot of money to legally marry them in Vegas, even though Violet wasn't there. The impersonator sang "Love Me Tender" which Byron told him was Violet's favorite. Byron bought a black S550 Mercedes sedan that can go from zero to sixty in four seconds and paid Romeo $1500 a week to be at his beck and call to drive him. He is in hiding from the Dominie, who believe mating with a human is a betrayal of their beliefs. He steals hundreds of billions of dollars from the Dominie accounts after Violet is abducted by Cain, and plans to use it as a bargaining chip to get Violet back safely. Battles Cain in the underground dungeon of BaMidbar and successfully saves Violet and the other women captives.

Present (Book 3): Doesn't want Lily to go off to college or for Dell to commit to Alex because he thinks they're both still too young.

Present (Book 4): Called to Washington D.C. on an important mission.

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Cain (Villain Book Two: The Awakening )

Physical: Thick strands of obsidian hair. Hawk-like nose. Flawless olive skin. Has strong telekinetic abilities. The first and the strongest vampire. Incredibly powerful. Immortal. Can initiate a thrall without direct contact.

Family & Friends: The head of Byron's clan and the father of all vampires. Brother - Abel.

Personal History: Killed his brother Abel, and was punished by God. Ever since, has been a fugitive and vagabond, but if anyone slays Cain, vengeance shall befall him sevenfold. The Lord set a mark upon him. Dwelt in the land of Nod , east of Eden . Cain has taught all vampires that they must do penance for his sin and also forbids the human born children of vampire/human matings to live with their parents. Used to live in BaMidbar and was in charge of the Clan and oversaw all vampires. Abducted Violet and then battled Byron in the dungeons of BaMidbar. Byron defeated him and imprisoned him in the very dungeon where he kept the human mates of "fallen" Dominie.

Personal Facts: Has seen an angel. Can't enter a dwelling unless he's invited in. Adapts his style of dress to match the times. Has been holding the entire vampire race hostage for centuries by convincing them that they had to follow the Clan rules to atone for Cain's sins and that mating with humans was a disgrace. Cain originally favored Byron and believed in him.

Present (Book 1): Lives in BaMidbar. In charge of the Clan and oversees all vampires. Abducts Violet and then battles Byron in the dungeons of BaMidbar. Is now a prisoner in the very dungeon where he kept the human mates of "fallen" Dominie.

Present (Book 2): Imprisoned in the dungeon of BaMidbar under the surveillance of Christian.

Chadwick ( Chad )

Immortal vampire. Byron Renfield's secretary and Rita's former lover. Is always buttoned up tight and has been around all Dell's life. Dell always thought he was asexual. Quiet, faithful, always dressed in a black suit, white shirt, and red tie. Has never taken a day off. Slight. In love with Rita and takes her to bed when they're reunited.


Physical: Immortal vampire. Twenty-nine years old. Looks like Byron Renfield. American.

Family: The Renfield's are his adopted family. He and Dell were raised like brothers.

History: Prior to the revolution, Thomas, one of the eldest of the Dominie, had chosen Chase to be Byron's replacement. The plan had been for Thomas to spend twenty-five or thirty years training Chase so that he could step in and fill Byron's shoes while Violet was kept locked up to insure Byron's obedience. Byron would retire and Chase would assume Byron's identity. The rest of the vampires in the clan would be none-the-wiser. Byron did not agree with this plan, and when he discovered where Chase was being held, he went to retrieve him under contrived orders from Cain and raised him as a second son.

Personal Facts: Byron Renfield's assistant. Acts more like Byron's son than Dell does.

Present (Book 3): He's in love with Lily.

Christian (Chris)

Physical: Immortal. Olive skin and dark eyes. Before meeting Byron his natural vampire abilities are undeveloped and weak, almost as if they've been snuffed out. Wiry and feisty. Shorter than Dell. Learns quickly. Bears Luna's mark on his forearm.

Family & Friends: Wife (but not mate) - Isabelle. Daughters - Hannah and Alex (Sophie). Friend & midwife for Isabelle - Angelina. Lover - Luna.

Personal History: Was on his own since his parents died when he was fourteen. Angelina found him. He and Isabelle meet Byron Renfield and Violet in a supermarket in San Diego shortly before Sophie was born. He was involved with the succubus, Luna, until the night his wife was murdered and Sophie was taken by the Clan. He was with Luna that night, and after Isabelle was killed, he wished he had mated with Isabelle so that he would have died, too. Because she loved Christian, Luna arranged for a protection spell to be placed on Sophie by Basta which would keep her safe from harm. Luna gave Chris a transparent sphere which was a physical representation of the shield that surrounds Alex and contains a part of Alex within. The sphere connects Alex to the spell. Chris helped Byron and the original group of human sympathizers plan the attack on BaMidbar twenty-five years ago to rescue Violet and imprison Cain. Has been in charge of guarding Cain at BaMidbar and has been searching for Sophie ever since.

Personal Facts (Book 1): Goes by Chris. His pride is horribly wounded. He's terrified of discovery, and afraid of losing his daughter and Isabelle. Hasn't marked Isabelle because he can't risk taking blood again, not even hers. He works down at the docks off Quivira Road every night, cleaning out the boats.

Personal Facts (Book 2): Goes by Chris. Glass half empty kind of guy. Loved Isabelle, but loved Luna, too. Didn't think Luna was capable of love.

Present (Book 1): He and his family meet Byron Renfield and Violet in a supermarket in San Diego . After Isabelle is killed, he wishes he had mated with her, but didn't because he belongs to a Lilan, Luna, and bears her mark on his forearm. Loved Isabelle but doesn't think Luna is capable of love. He helps Byron plan the attack on BaMidbar.

Present (Book 2): Is reunited with Alex after Dell brings her to the Renfield home. Luna was dying because she refused to have sex with anyone ever since the night Isabelle died, and she needs sexual energy to live. Chris had to accept his feelings of guilt regarding Isabelle's death, but he also had to realize that Luna was still alive and needed him. They are still very much in love.

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Daisy Mae

The hypothetical name of the veal calf Byron used to make dinner for Violet the first night she was on the island.


Alpha of the Pine Ridge Ranch pack. Not really interested in leading or growing the pack, but won't allow his son, Samuel, to take over. Watched his wife, Rebecca, die during a savage pack war begun by a rogue Alpha who invaded the ranch. Dakota was injured so badly in the fight that he couldn't shift. He, Samuel and Ryan were the only surviving pack members. Killed by Roane Devlin while he and Samuel were helping the sheriff's office locate missing hikers.

Deborah Marshall

College professor at Baylor who didn't return from maternity leave. Allison took her position.

Dell Renfield (Hero of Book Three: The Revolution)

Physical: Immortal vampire. Tall. Shoulder length jet black hair. Almost twenty-six. Strong, both physically and through magic. Dresses like a fashion magazine.

Family & Friends: Father-- Byron. Mother - Violet. Younger sister - Lily. Adopted brother - Chase. Lover - Alex. The family home where Dell grew up and his parents and Lily still live is on an island off the coast of Canada . Basta, a mage who mentored Dell, was like a second father to him.

Personal History: Realized he was different from others around his sixth birthday when he was trick-or-treating with his parents (he went as a werewolf), and conjured Sparky when the flashlight died. Traveled a lot with his parents as a child to BaMidbar. It was on his eighteenth birthday that Basta gave Dell a spell book of dark magic and asked Dell to come live with him. He promised to teach him all that he knew and to give him all his power. Instead, Dell attended the Academy, then was recruited by the PSF and left home to move to Chicago . His boss doesn't know he's a vampire. Dell met Allison Connelly when she asked for his help while profiling Roane Devlin. Transferred to Los Angeles to become Alex's partner when his father realized Alex might be Sophie. Sent to Vegas with Alex on an undercover reconnaissance mission to a local club which was being used as a laundering facility for drug money. Alex is the first woman to give him an intimate, real kiss. He's the man who takes her virginity. Loves her and wants to mate her, even though it will cost him his immortality. Uses magic to save her life and kill Basta. Dell met Jake Madison when he brought Alex to the Renfield home after the Vegas mission. Dell's father had Jake flown to Canada to make him an offer to attend the Academy.

Personal Facts: Full name is Randell. With the PSF (Preternatural Special Forces). Not patient. Agrees with his father's plan to integrate vampires into the human world but thinks it's taking too long. Can block other vampires from reading his mind. Not a big talker - more of an action guy. Has never tasted blood before. Fucked many women, including vampires, humans and one succubus (he shielded himself), but refused to make love until he met Alex because he believed he was too young to make a commitment. Had never kissed a woman on the lips. Wears a ring. Uses a shielding spell to protect his privacy (force-bubble). Drinks scotch. Jealous and over-protective type. Can take control of a human's mind (Thrall). Wine connoisseur. Likes to snuggle. Cell phone ring for his father is Beethoven's Fifth. Thinks all men call breasts, "tits". Doesn't know how to make coffee. Not fond of bubble baths. Follows his heart and his conscience. Likes to read. Takes Protectus, an expensive drug, to protect himself from sunlight. Has the ability to teleport.

Present (Book 1): His current boss doesn't know he's a vampire. Recently transferred to Los Angeles to become Alex's partner. Sent to Vegas with Alex on an undercover reconnaissance mission to a local club, which is being used as a laundering facility for drug money. Alex is the first woman to give him an intimate, real kiss. He's the man who takes her virginity. Loves her and wants to mate her. Uses magic to save her life and kill Basta.

Present (Book 2): Trying to get himself fired from the PSF because he doesn't like to quit anything but feels his talents could be put to better use elsewhere.

Dwight Johnson

Football player for the Dallas Cowboys. Arrested on charges of rape and murder of a young woman, but was innocent. The woman had met a man in a chat room who was pretending to be Dwight. One of the detectives leaked Dwight's name to the press and the papers pronounced him guilty for days. Walter Madison worked on the case to clear Dwight.

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Fred (Winifred) Renfield

Physical: Immortal vampire but gave up her immortality when she mated with Grace. Deceased.

Family & Friends: Father - Astor. Mother - Lillian. Younger brother - Byron. Mate - Grace.

Personal History: Grew up on the Renfield island and was with Byron when their parents died. Raised him on the island until he reached his maturity. Mated with Grace a bit more than three hundred and fifty years ago. Grew old along with Grace and died a month ago on the island when Grace died. Byron was with her at the end.

Personal Facts: She and Grace would visit Byron on the island occasionally. Called Byron "Ren". She and Grace were a non-traditional couple. Loved Grace deeply and never believed that mating with Grace was a mistake. Byron used to tease her and Grace about how much they talked.

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Gavin Robinson

Very successful forensic psychologist who hired Allison Connelly for a coveted internship with his practice. His work includes assisting with jury selection and testifying as an expert witness. Polished and confident. Proposed to Allison on a bluff at the Pine Ridge Ranch. She later divorced him because he didn't love her and he cheated on her. Worked for James Butler on the Roane Devlin case.


Physical: Human. Green eyes. Her lifespan was extended when she mated with Fred. Deceased.

Family & Friends: Mate - Fred. "Adopted" niece - Violet.

Personal History: Mated with Fred a bit more than three hundred and fifty years ago. Had been ill for some time and her heart finally gave out. Died a month ago at Byron's house.

Personal Facts: She and Fred were a non-traditional couple. Violet's friend and confidante. Loved her very much. Was very proud of Violet's accomplishments and helped pay for her schooling. Grace kept a college graduation snapshot of Violet (diploma in hand, leaping into the air) in her wallet. Owned a pair of yellow diamond chandelier earrings which Byron gives to Violet. Fond of wine. She would write to Violet about her latest find. Called Byron "Ren" and adored him.


One of the operatives in the attack on Malcolm in his New York hotel room. He was the one who confirmed the bellboy had left the room.

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Vampire. Father - Chris. Mother - Isabelle. Sister - Sophie. Witnessed her mother killed by the Clan.

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Physical: Blonde. Perhaps nineteen or twenty when she died.

Family & Friends: Husband (but not mate) - Christian. Daughters - Hannah and Sophie (Alex).

Personal History: Met Byron and Violet in a supermarket in San Diego . Gave birth to Sophie with the help of Violet and Wesley. Was hemorrhaging but stabilized. Murdered by the Dominie when they came to take Sophie from her a few days after the birth.

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Jake Madison (Hero of Book Four: The Temptation )

Physical: Over six feet tall. Sandy blonde hair. Twenty-one years old. Lycanthrope. Enhanced vision. Strong. Can't catch STDs or even a cold. Fertile for only a few months in winter.

Family & Friends: Father - Walter. Older brother - Ross. Mother -- grew up in Oklahoma City and had been in town in spring of 1995 when the Murrah Federal building exploded. She and Jake were close. She died shortly after Jake started college. Jake's parents were very much in love for all of their more than thirty years together. Uncle -- has a law practice in Dallas . His family has been attending Baylor University for five generations. Friend - Travis.

Personal History: Originally from Dallas . Went on his first climb with his father and older brother when he was seven. Has gone on dozens of trips and also done rescue drills since then. Came out to the Pine Ridge Ranch for a vacation with his dad and brother, but two days later his dad had to return to the office to work on the Dwight Johnson case. Jake and Ross stayed, and went to a local bar where a waitress Ross was interested in worked. Ross stayed at the bar after Jake went back to the ranch, then stood Jake up the next morning for their climbing date, so Jake went alone and suffered a bad accident while rappelling down La Pared after a rock fell from above and knocked him unconscious, causing a gash to his head, a dislocated shoulder and a broken leg. He was dragged to safety by Mireya and Ryan in wolf form, but Ryan accidentally grazed Jake's forearm with a tooth and turned him into a lycanthrope. Mireya set his shoulder and splinted his leg. Jake officially joined the pack a year ago but spends very little time in their company. The previous summer, Byron Renfield flew Jake up to Canada and asked him to join the Academy, but Jake refused. Jake decided to visit the pack during Spring Break after suffering nightmares and lost time around the full moon. Jake hasn't been able to control his change, and woke up one morning miles from campus in Cameron Park and changed back in front of a vagrant, whom he convinced to loan him some pants.

Personal Facts: Full name is Jacob. Good hunter (years of practice growing up). Snowboards. Terrible liar. Studying criminal law and prosecution at Baylor. Has never been in love. Stopped wearing underwear when he went off to college. Works for his uncle at a law firm in Dallas during the summers.

Present: On retreat with the pack while his father thinks he's snowboarding and his friend Travis thinks he's off with a girlfriend. Rescues Allison Connelly from a snowy ravine and then falls in love with her. When Dell arrives at the ranch to warn Mireya about Devlin, he tells Jake that the reason Dell's father wanted Jake in the Academy is because an intuitive told Dell's father that Jake is important to the fate of the world. Jake blows up Roane Devlin using a home-made fertilizer grenade and a shotgun. He's planning to finish his degree in another two years and then go to law school.

James Butler

Attorney who handled the Roane Devlin case.

Jennifer Houghton

Physical: Human. Intuitive, and tries to read Byron's mind. Recognizes vampires. A pale, thin, hauntingly beautiful creature. Her hair is as dark as ink and her eyes are doe-like and knowing. Long charcoal lashes. Forthright.

Family & Friends: Husband - Stanley. Brother - Will. Father owns a villa in Tuscany . Employer at one time and friend - Violet. Best Friend - Sirus.

Personal History: Met Sirus, the vampire owner of the restaurant she took Byron and Violet to at her shrink's. Used to be on medication to control her "visions". Knew Violet had a vampire mate as soon as she saw the mark when Violet returned from her vacation. She was knocked unconscious by the Clan member who broke into Violet's office, which led to meeting Byron and getting involved in protecting Byron and Violet from the Dominie. She and her husband helped plan the attack on BaMidbar to rescue Violet twenty-five years ago.

Personal Facts: At one point, Jennifer was Violet's office manager. Uses orange and ginger hand lotion. Drinks ginger beer.

Present (Book 1): She came into the office to catch up on some billing and surprised the perpetrator who broke into Violet's office. She was knocked unconscious from a blow to the back of her head as soon as she walked through the door. The perpetrators wore latex gloves. The security guard found her. She stabs Byron with a letter opener to prove to Stan and Will he's a vampire. Convinces Byron that he has to trust them. Sees a vision of the women living in the BaMidbar dungeon.

Present: Believes Alex is one of the Chosen .


Wesley's friend. Anesthesiologist.

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Attractive blonde. Wesley's wife and a dear friend of Violet's. Was pregnant with another man's child when she met Wes.

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Succubi. Once they reach maturity, they don't appear to age. Reputation for driving men to distraction. Get their nourishment from sex. Natural sexual predators, needing sexual energy like humans need air and water.


Physical: Human. Long mane of dark hair, black as coal and sleek, which she wore up most of the time. Deceased.

Family & Friends: Mate - Astor. Son - Byron. Daughter - Fred.

Personal History: She mated with Astor because she loved him deeply but he refused to give her the love she needed in return. Instead, he publicly bemoaned his choice, putting on the proper show of penance, living a life of lies, and being resentful and regretful about the greatest gift God ever could have given him. It broke her heart and shattered her mind and soul. She lived as a virtual prisoner on the island with Astor. She was forced by the Clan and Astor to give up any child born human to be raised by others, and it drove her mad until she finally threw herself out of her bedroom window and died.

Personal Facts: Had a lover in London . Hated living in the house Byron grew up in because it felt like a prison. She craved the moments when Astor drank from her.

Lily Renfield

Physical: Dark hair. Fair skin and green eyes. Thin and willowy, graceful. Human. Eighteen. Virgin. Ample breasts.

Family: Father - Byron. Mother - Violet. Brother - Dell (she sometimes calls him Randy).

History: Lily got stuck in one of the caves on the island when she was five. She's been terrified of small spaces ever since.

Personal Facts: Her pout often gets her what she wants. Can be melodramatic.

Present: Insists on going away to college, and wants to go to either Baylor or UCSD for pre-med. Byron never lets her go anywhere alone and won't let her date. He wants her to go to an all girl college. She's very attracted to Chase.


Physical: Lilan - succubus. Incredibly beautiful. Indigo hair hangs in loose curls framing her face and cascading over her shoulders and down her back. Curvaceous body. Azure blue wings that release what appears to be a sprinkling of metallic silver powder that disappears before it hits the floor . Her gown clings to her body like a second skin ending in a pool of what looks like liquid mercury. Stronger and more powerful than Byron. Generates a very intense sexual charge that inspires strong arousal in any nearby male. When she was starving herself, her eyes were sunken and dulled, with big dark circles underneath and reddened rims. Her flesh was pallid and dry, her hair thinned, her lips cracked and peeling.

Personal History: Had been involved with Christian for some time before Isabelle was killed. She arranged for a protection spell to be placed on Alex because she was in love with Chris and wanted his child to be safe. She was with Christian when Isabelle was killed, but she was not part of the attack. She brings Christian a sphere with rolling clouds of pink and flashes of purple inside which is a physical representation of the spell protecting Alex and links the spell to Alex.

Personal Facts: She wants to follow her heart and admires those who do. Loves Christian.

Present (Book 1): She was with Christian when Isabelle was killed, but she was not part of the attack. She brings Christian a sphere with rolling clouds of pink and flashes of purple inside. She had someone create a spell that would protect Christian's daughter Sophie from harm, and the sphere links the spell to the child.

Present (Book 2): Hasn't had sex since she was with Christian the night Isabelle died. Was starving until Chris agreed to resume their relationship and had sex with her.

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Physical: Immortal vampire. Very old. Quite a bit shorter than Byron. Powerful.

History: Rita was his consort, and he loved her as a beautiful possession, but she didn't love him and that made him feel weak. He took her to the party in Paris to celebrate Byron's acceptance into the Dominie, and Byron tricked him into giving Rita away as a gift. Malcolm kidnapped her much later but gave her to Raif because having her close was a painful reminder of his own weakness.

Personal Facts: One of the Dominie. Has Swiss accounts. Lives in Vegas. Loyal to Cain and hates Byron - thinks he's undeserving. Can't perform magic. Owns a Glock.

Present: Runs an illegal drug and prostitution scheme in Vegas using his club as a front. Basta uses him to get to Dell.


Wes's daughter.


Mate of Antonio and mother of Angelina. Human. Didn't want to see another human child of hers taken from her by the Clan, so she killed herself by putting a gun to her head. Angelina watched it happen. Her death meant Antonio died, too.


Physical: Blonde hair. Bright blue eyes. Nose a bit crooked. Square jaw. Meticulously dressed. Four inches taller and forty pounds heavier than Byron.

Personal History: Former boyfriend of Violet's. He's been watching Violet ever since they broke up. He wants her back.

Personal Facts: Has an office and an apartment. Very jealous - wants Violet for himself. Very few people like him, including Wes and Byron.

Present: Watched Byron and Violet have sex in the hallway.

Mireya (Miranda)

Physical: Five feet tall. Long dark brown hair. Smart. Strong.

Family & Friends: Mate - Roane Devlin. Lover - Ryan.

Personal History: Originally from New England . She treated Roane Devlin when he was brought into her hospital after a fight with a local pack. He fell in love with her and kidnapped her, then turned her into a Were. She never loved him and tried to escape three times, but he always found her and then physically punished her so that she wouldn't try again. She was the star witness for the prosecution when Devlin was brought up on criminal charges of murder for the deaths of several women married to Immortals, but when the he escaped, she was placed in the witness protection program and changed her name to Mireya. She joined the Pine Ridge Ranch pack a year ago when she took a position at the local hospital. She called the ranch to see about renting a cabin and met Ryan. She and Ryan rescued Jake Madison after his climbing accident.

Personal Facts: Her name used to be Miranda. Female Beta lycanthrope in the pack. It's her job to ease Jake into the pack. Nurse.

Present: Injured her right ankle when Jake plowed into her while hunting with the pack. Has been having nightmares ever since the protection spells that kept her hidden from Devlin went down. She and Ryan become lovers after he admits to being in love with her.

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Officer Woods

The officer who calls Violet to tell her about the break-in at her office.

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Man who ferries people to and from Byron's island. He took Violet there. Deceased from a heart attack. Was Byron's friend, like his father before him and his father before him. Brought Byron whatever food items he needed.


The mythical Frenchman Violet dreams up when she and Byron discuss immortality. She decides he's an attentive lover and devoted father and that they have two children.


Works for Stanley . Human. Pale man with almost-white hair and angular features. Expert hacker. Has been stationed at The Vault on and off for Dell's entire life.

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Immortal vampire. Feeder. Finely chiseled face, fashion-model cheekbones. Eyes cold steel blue. Handsome. Runs a club in Las Vegas . Older than Dell. Bi-sexual. Interested in Dell. Rita was his consort until Dell demanded her release.


Temps in Violet's building. Jennifer's been training her to work in Violet's office.


Deep voice. Very large, very black man . Explosives expert who works for Stanley .


Mate of Dakota and mother of Samuel. Fifteen years ago, she locked Samuel and Ryan in the root cellar during the pack war to protect them, but was killed herself.


Physical: Female Immortal vampire bred for sexual companionship and pleasure. Pale, translucent skin. Long, delicate neck. Hair a curtain of rich brown velvet. Deep brown eyes. Cute little red mole on the top of her left breast. More than a couple of centuries old.

Family & Friends: Former consort now friend - Byron. Byron and Violet are her two dearest friends and the closest thing she has to family. Lover - Chad .

Personal History: She was Malcolm's consort, and she saw to his pleasure, but never gave him her love, and that wasn't enough for him. When Byron was made Dominie, there was a party in Paris , and Malcolm brought Rita to show her off. At the dinner she was seated next to Byron and after Malcolm taunted him all night, Byron suddenly stood up and raised his glass in a toast to Malcolm, thanking him for such a precious and extravagant gift. Then he reached his hand out to Rita. Everyone applauded Malcolm's generosity, and he didn't have the courage to challenge Byron's claim. Byron asked Rita if she wanted to stay with Malcolm, and she said no, but that she wanted to learn to read, speak Italian and go to the Opera, all of which Byron made possible. She fell in love with him then, as a dear, beloved friend, and Malcolm truly lost her forever. They were never really lovers, although they fucked with regularity early on. She wanted to mean more to him, but he couldn't allow that because of his Dominie status and because he wasn't in love with her. She came to the island when Violet was there and interrupted Violet and Byron making love. Told Byron he had made a huge mistake by mating with Violet and accused Violet of seducing Byron. Byron told her she was out of line, then asked her to watch over Violet during the separation and to get her safely home. She helped Violet through her Awakening and was then supposed to disappear for a while to avoid the Clan. The Dominie captured her and tortured her to find out where Byron and Violet were hiding. Malcolm reclaimed her and kept her in a cage and forced her to wear a collar. After he decided to let her out of the cage, he insisted she wear a chain choke collar and leash. Malcolm didn't want her back for himself because she reminded him that he had lost her heart to Byron, so he gave her to Raif to teach her humility. Instead, she learned patience.

Personal Facts: Told Byron that women today prefer a direct approach. Byron handles her investments. Used handcuffs to chain Byron to the bed to help him deal with his control freak issues during sex. Subservient to Byron. She's loyal to Byron and he trusts her. She's in love with Chadwick.

Present (Book 1): Comes to the island when Violet is there and interrupts Violet and Byron making love. Tells Byron he has made a huge mistake by mating with Violet and accuses Violet of seducing Byron. Byron tells her she is out of line, then asks her to watch over Violet during the separation and to get her safely home.

Present (Book 2): The Dominie captured her and tortured her to find out where Byron and Violet are. She's now missing.

Present (Book 3): Being held against her will by Raif and Malcolm. Dell demands her release when he learns that she's legally Byron's consort. She is reunited with Chadwick, the man she loves, at the Renfield house.

Roane Devlin (Villain of Book Four: The Temptation)

Physical: Green eyes. Sharp, angular features and pale skin. Long jet-black hair. More than six feet tall and brawny. Incredibly strong. Can heal himself almost instantly in isolated sections.

Family & Friends: Mate - Mireya.

Personal History: Raised in a series of foster homes in New England , ranging from born-again religious types to drug addicts who whored him out. Ran away from home at fifteen. A brutal Pawnee man picked him up off the streets and abused Roane, both physically and sexually, and turned him into a Were. Roane was the man's whipping boy until shortly before his eighteenth birthday, when the man took Roane to the plains and passed him off as his stepson. There Roane learned and came to believe in the Pawnee creation myth, in which the people who killed the first wolf brought death into the world and became the Skidi, the Wolf People. He took part in a Morning Star ceremony in which he believed he had a vision that offered him immortality in exchange for the blood of the woman who can bind the most powerful, meaning former Immortals. After seeing the vision, Devlin murdered his maker, then returned to New England and murdered his pack, but he ended up in the hospital where he met Mireya and decided to turn her into a Were so she could be his mate. He then began systematically killing powerful women who were mated to Immortals. The women were played with then slaughtered, with their hearts consumed, and the former Immortal mate turned to ash as a double sacrifice. Devlin was eventually captured and charged with murder, and Mireya was the star witness while Allison Connelly was the forensic psychologist brought in to profile Devlin. He escaped custody before the trial was completed, and magical protections were put in place to block his connection to Mireya.

Personal Facts: Rogue Alpha serial killer. Wants to live forever and wants Mireya by his side.

Present: Kills Dakota and Samuel when he decides to take over the Pine Ridge Ranch pack. He's killed by Jake Madison, who uses a home-made grenade and shotgun.


Driver Byron hires for $1500 a week to be at his beck and call. Romeo showed up in a hideously bright yellow four-door American monstrosity that was blaring reggae. His skin is as black as coal and he sports long dreadlocks that hang well past his shoulders.

Ross Madison

Older brother of Jake. Charming. Got involved with a waitress in town during the ill-fated trip to Pine Ridge Ranch. Ross didn't show for the climb with Jake the next morning and Jake went alone and suffered his accident.


Physical: Omega Were. Sandy blond hair. Twenty years old.

Family & Friends: Parents - deceased. Ryan is Jake's maker. Lover - Mireya.

Personal History: Born a lycanthrope and grew up in the Pine Ridge Ranch pack. His parents were killed in the pack war fifteen years earlier. Has been living with Dakota and Samuel ever since.

Personal Facts: In charge of the kitchen and the garden on the ranch. Addicted to coffee so always keeps a pot brewing. Loves to cook and talk about cooking. He's in love with Mireya and wants to be her mate, but believes he isn't worthy of her. Uses an orange citrus soap.

Present: Becomes Mireya's mate after Devlin is killed.

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Enormous. Chiseled face. Half Washoe. Long black hair. Son of Dakota and Rebecca. Eight when his mother was killed. Born Beta and is likely to become Alpha someday. Killed by Roane Devlin.


Dell's support liaison with the PSF. Dell's security code to Simon during the Vegas assignment is ZTNRC69.


Vampire who owns a restaurant near Violet's office. Jennifer's best friend. They met at her shrink's office. Younger than Byron. Single.


Isabelle and Christian's newborn daughter. Chosen. Abducted the night her mother was murdered and is still missing.


A ball of flame light that Dell can conjure on command. Always shows him the way home.

Stanley Houghton

Physical: Human. Tall and rugged looking.

Family & Friends: Wife - Jennifer. Employees - Pixel, Ray.

Personal History: He set up Violet's computer system. The government hired him to break into a military installation a few months back. The astonishing lack of security that he uncovered was all over the news. His team helped to rescue Violet from Cain at BaMidbar.

Personal Facts: One of the best penetration experts in the business - tries to break into security systems.

Present (Book 1): Was in LA when Jennifer was attacked. Faints when he realizes Byron is a vampire. Has an uncanny ability to sneak up on Byron.

Present (Book 2): He is the head of security on the Renfield island.

Sullivan Cross

Deputy Director of the Agency and Alex's current boyfriend. Head of the profiling division. Successful, athletic, good looking.

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Physical: Dresses in a blue robe with small bells on the hem that chime, a gold threaded and jewel encrusted breastplate that sparkles, and a white linen turban. Impatient. One of the eldest of the Dominie.

Personal History: Had been Dominie and worked for Cain much longer than Byron. Lived and worked at BaMidbar. Was planning to train Chase to take over Byron's identity so that the Clan wouldn't learn of Byron's loss of faith. After Byron succeeded in rescuing Violet, Thomas was locked up in a cell next to Cain's in the dungeon of BaMidbar.

Personal Facts: Closer to Cain than anyone. Thinks Byron is too weak to be a Dominie. Had chosen Chase to be Byron Renfield's replacement.

Present (Book 1): Is planning to train a young American vampire to take over Byron's identity so that the Clan doesn't learn of Byron's loss of faith. After Byron succeeds in rescuing Violet, Thomas is locked up in a cell next to Cain's in the dungeon of BaMidbar.

Present (Book 2): Locked up in BaMidbar.


Friend of Jake Madison.

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Violet Deeds (Heroine Book One: The Claim )

Physical: Chosen human. Fiery copper red hair. Bright, deep green eyes and a beautiful smile. Fair, translucent skin with a subtle pale blue cast. Firm, perfectly round breasts and a spectacular ass. Slender waist. Small boned and ticklish. Long, slender neck with two small puncture marks just behind and below her ear where Byron bit and claimed her. By giving her body and blood willingly, she is joined to him for life. She will now age much more slowly, her senses will sharpen and her body will grow stronger. She can also feel what Byron is feeling through the Claim. When he bites her, it connects them, which soothes her. Stanley implants a micro-chip between her shoulder blades to track her in case of abduction. Poised, self-assured and direct. Feisty, brave, strong and independent. Walks with determination. A romantic.

Family & Friends: Mate - Byron. Father -- vampire. Mother - human. Mother died of cancer a month after Violet's college graduation. Grace was her "adopted" aunt. Son - Dell. Daughter - Lily.

Personal History: Taken from her birth parents by the Clan as an infant and sponsored by Fred and Grace, who helped finance Violet's education at medical school. Violet wrote more than a hundred letters to Grace over the years. Grace called her after Violet's mother died, and it was the first time Violet had ever heard her voice. They became friends. Grace wrote her a letter inviting her up to Byron's island for the weekend. Grace and Fred were supposed to be staying with Byron for a while, but they died and Byron didn't write to Violet to tell her they wouldn't be there. She arrived on Byron's doorstep twenty-five years ago, cold and wet in the middle of a storm. Mated with Byron in the caves by the beach and became bound to him. She lived in a small beach cottage in San Diego , and helped to bring Alex into the world. Saved Isabelle's life by giving her blood when Isabelle began hemorrhaging after Alex was born. She was drugged and abducted by the Dominie, then chained in the dungeon of BaMidbar. Cain stabbed her with a knife but it hit a rib rather than piercing her heart. He wanted to kill her to prevent other vampires from finding out Byron broke the rules and had "fallen". She was rescued by Byron and a small group of human sympathizers.

Personal Facts: Psychiatrist. Calls Byron "Ren". When she dies, Byron will turn to dust. Uses lavender and vanilla soap and wears a tuberose fragrance. Doesn't like her hair because she never learned how to tame it. Very comfortable with silence. Drinks rooibos tea and martinis, Grey Goose, rocks, extra olives. When Byron physically defends her, she gets turned on.

Personal Interests: Reads Cosmo. Walks the beach in the morning with a big floppy hat, a long-sleeved white shirt, and loose fitting khakis to protect her pale skin. Has always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon - wrote about it in her letters to Grace. She and Byron love to sit on the porch and watch the sunset together.

Present (Book 1): She arrives on Byron's doorstep cold and wet in the middle of a storm. The airline sent her luggage to Bora Bora instead of Bella Bella. Twists her ankle on Byron's front step. Mates with Byron in the caves by the beach and becomes bound to him. She is now in danger of being killed by the Clan to prevent other vampires from finding out Byron broke the rules and has "fallen".

Present (Book 2): Lives in a small beach cottage in San Diego . Byron gives her a platinum set three carat round solitaire and the matching band from Tiffany's. Gave blood to Isabelle after Isabelle hemorrhaged while giving birth. She let Chris drink from her arm so that he could determine if Violet and Isabelle were a blood type match. Byron hated it. She's drugged and abducted by the Dominie, then chained in the dungeon of BaMidbar. Cain stabs her with a knife but it hits a rib and breaks it, rather than piercing her heart. She's pregnant with Byron's child.

Present (Book 3): Lives on the Renfield island with Byron and Lily.

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Walter Madison

Father of Jake and Ross Madison. Well known attorney in Dallas . Was in charge of the Dwight Johnson case, which forced him to leave the Pine Ridge Ranch early, and Jake suffered his accident the next day.

Wesley Atherton

Physical: British. About the same height and build as Byron. He has a peculiar air about him, an odd blend of aristocracy and every-day-man. Unpretentious, yet refined. Genuine.

Family & Friends: Wife - Kate, whom he loves very much. Daughter - Margo. Friend & Colleague - Violet. Friend - Allison.

Personal History: Accepted Kate's baby as his own even though he wished he had been the father. Lost his first born child to Abaddon, the angel, thirty years ago which caused him intense emotional pain. He knows about ghosts, angels, werewolves and vampires and recognized the mark on Violet's neck after she mated with Byron. Most of the male vampires he's treated are suffering from adjustment issues and have performance problems. Has treated Succubi before, one in London and another in San Diego . Helped Violet deliver Sophie (Alex). Helped Allison to interview Roane Devlin.

Personal Facts: Psychiatrist. Friend of Violet's. Lives in Mission Hills. Connected to the PSF.

Present (Book 2): He knows about ghosts, angels, werewolves and vampires and recognized the mark on Violet's neck. Most of the male vampires he's treated are suffering from adjustment issues and have performance problems. Helps Violet deliver Isabelle's baby. When Violet is planning to escape to Tuscany with Byron, she asks Wes to take over all of her patients until they can find other doctors.

William Carlton

Jennifer's brother. Impressive-looking. Medium build with close-cropped salt and pepper hair. Piercing blue eyes that are intensely penetrating. Carries himself with presence. His father owns a villa in Tuscany .


Thirteen years old. Father left before he was born. Mother addicted to dangerous drugs and dangerous men. One boyfriend beat them both up and turned them into lycanthropes and then abandoned them six months ago. His mother disappeared and the sheriff dropped Wright off at the ranch.


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